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Don Ninness a consummate professional bass player from Newcastle Australia...

In 1991 Joshua Brave was formed. 'Brave' referred to the bands stand in playing all originals and making strong social comments through their songs. Media described the band; 'Blood, Flesh and Soul' as the essence of the music. The music encompassed a mix of sounds: Funk, Jazz, Blues and Rock.

Members of Joshua Brave included Paul Flaherty: guitar, Don Ninness: bass, Brad Elliot: drums and Ian Sandercoe: vocals. Brad Elliot was replaced on drums by Phil Archer. Phil Archer was replaced on drums by Craig Lancaster.

The media continued to note Joshua Braves stance on playing original music:  'The band has continued to 'stick to their guns' with a song list full of original material that the guys continue to play no matter how much opposition they get to their stand of not playing many covers' ............ Newcastle Herald.

Joshua Brave was moving in different directions. With a final show on December 4, 1993 at the Star Hotel Newcastle.

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